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Mongolia has been my home since 2006. Together with my small Mongolian team (including Turuu, my lead driver from when I first arrived in Mongolia) we focus on offering local trips of discovery that are genuine, refreshing and individual - within the ethos of sustainable travel. (An overused word in the tourism industry but still at the centre of what we do).

The main ethos of EL Mongolia is to support local. But, that philosophy actually was created somewhere completely different to Mongolia. In Devon. In the UK. To be specific, Dartmoor National Park in Devon in the UK. Where I have grown up and where I make my home when I'm not in Mongolia.

2015 was my tenth year of living and working in Mongolia and a five-year anniversary for Eternal Landscapes. I wanted to do something to celebrate and as I've been privileged to meet some truly wonderful people in Mongolia as well as from elsewhere in the world, I thought it had to be about the people.
I invited EL guests down to Dartmoor National Park back in February. It was a chance for friends and past and future EL guests to come and enjoy being in wide open landscapes once more and reminisce and talk about all things Mongolian.

We may have been wind blasted and rained upon and hiked through snow flurries but the company was excellent as was the food and drink. And of course, it supported local - from the youth hostel accommodation in a converted railway goods shed, to Saturday night dinner in a great restaurant in my home town that is owned in partnership by the local butcher and Sunday lunch in the Tors pub Belstone village - which we walked to. 
If you look through the EL Mongolia website or blog, you can probably tell by the long list of adjectives I like to use, I am biased when it comes to Mongolia. I am also extremely fond of Dartmoor as well. 

And thus an idea was born.....

If you're thinking of travelling to Mongolia with EL and want to come and have a chat, I'm more than happy to help put a Devon weekend together for you and to take you on a guided walk 'up on the Moor.' I took a potential client out just before I left for Mongolia in May and their response? 
'Thank you so much for such a wonderful afternoon. You really make it easy to fall in love with landscapes, travel and people.'
 I'm working on putting together some day walks and short breaks with Dartmoor National Park (it's people, communities and landscapes) at the centre. Again, the focus will be on supporting local. Just as we do in Mongolia. 
It's definitely a work in progress with a website still to come but if you're interested in any of the above (Mongolia or Dartmoor!) then let me know. You can contact me on
I look forward to hearing from you!

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