29 December 2017

New Roads …

There's a Mongolian proverb:

'If you're afraid don't start and once you start, don't be afraid.'

That's great Jess, why are you writing about it?

Some of you have been with me loyally since Day One. When, having worked in Mongolia for four years as a tour leader/guide, my driver (Turuu) persuaded me to start our own business. So I did.

We had no knowledge or real experience of business. We just knew we genuinely loved Mongolia. And, as the proverb says, once we had started we had to be brave and not be afraid. There was a lot of bootstrapping (to use a buzz word).

So for those of you that have been with me as I learnt how to set up a blog and tentatively wrote my first post and as I slowly created our first website - thank you.

It's been a long time coming but I have now upgraded and combined the EL website and blog together. We're still online. We're still on Facebook and Twitter. We're still living and working in Mongolia. We're still Eternal Landscapes Mongolia. 

If you've enjoyed being part of the Eternal Landscapes 'manaikhan' (family) on this Blogger site then please take the time to pop over and continue to follow us on our Wordpress site - https://www.eternal-landscapes.co.uk/mongolia-travel-blog. Let's continue the journey together.

And of course, if you're ever looking for an experience in Mongolia, please do get in touch. I would love to hear from you.

Та бүхэнд баярлалаа - Thank you all.

Jess x

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