2 July 2017

Photo Essay: Family Experiences In Mongolia

Mongolia? With kids? Seriously? Yes!

Wide open spaces. Freedom. Exploration. Adventure. Discovery. And yes, even a decent 3G network with affordable data for those times when the IPad is really needed.

The itineraries I design are designed with kids in mind. Not the adults. Yes, the parents will be the ones that email me but I put together the itinerary based on experiences for the kids.

That's why there's not too many monasteries or archaeological sites and more interactive experiences. With everything from local train rides to cookery lessons and wild camping. 

Doing your bit for the future by planting a tree at the Gobi Oasis Conservation Project

Interactive visit to the Nogoon Nuur Community Project in Ulaanbaatar

Learning about the traditional way of life on our one day 'ger to ger' walk

25 m pistol training at the Монголын Буудлага Спортын Төв Клуб

* This is where members of the Mongolian Olympic team train

Collecting water the local way

* Don't panic parents. Each of our vans includes a Lifesaver carbon water filter

Get on your bike and ride

* Each of our Furgon vans has a City Nomads folding bike.  They're as popular with the local Mongolians as they are with our guests! It's a way of bringing both together in a way that doesn't need language

Rural Homestays

* Everything from milking a goat to sampling the local cuisine 

Freedom of the open road with your private Furgon van 

* Loved by all kids even though the parents may prefer a Landcruiser!

Not a museum in sight!

Cooking up a storm on the steppe

And then there's always the wildlife

Yes. I could write a list of reviews but I think the photos say it all!  Mongolia provides  the backdrop for a family holiday like no other - rejuvenate your spirit of adventure and spend quality time with your family on a trip you will always remember. Our family itineraries are private trips of discovery adapted to suit your budget, travel dates and your children and what you would like them to experience in Mongolia. 

If you're looking for ideas and inspiration then do check the Mongolia family holidays page on my Eternal Landscapes website.  I look forward to hearing from you!