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19 March 2014

Thoughts From Jess - From one blog to another

Here at EL I don't have a brochure that I send out. I certainly don't have a call centre. But I do have our blog which I think is an integral part of who we are and acts as an informal insight into what we do and what we love - Mongolia.

However, this is the final post that I'll be writing here. Why? The EL blog has had an upgrade. Our competition is fierce and as we are so small (which is how I like it) it means I have to think of creative ways of making sure our website is found - the new look blog will help with our search engine optimisation. However, I'm not going to delete the account as too many of our adventures form part of the blog. I'll use it as a library of pictures and experiences and as a way of re-directing our readers to the new site. This is a link to our new blog

I will continue to update the new blog. We are starting to prepare for our 2014 small group and tailor made adventures but until I depart for Mongolia I will continue with 'Tuesday's Snapshot' and with the weekly news from EL and Mongolia. There will also continue to be the Client Guest Posts providing you with a more personal insight into Mongolia from our guests. This week though there has been no Tuesday's Snapshot as I went on a short break to Cornwall where we swam (yes, in March in the UK) in this most beautiful sea pool.

So what else has been happening? I've been working on a variety of itineraries this week -  especially enquiries for short spring time  trips coinciding with the arrival and departure of the Trans-Mongolian. I'm always looking for alternative extensions and Turuu and I are currently working on wrestling tournaments held throughout the year. We have yet to get the final confirmation, but it looks as if the next Mongolian Wrestling Federation tournament held at the Wrestling Palace in UB will be held on March 21st in honour of Nauryz - the Kazakh New Year. 

UB's Wrestling Palace! 
However, my favourite recent enquiry has to be that from a well-travelled 90-year old who is wanting one last big adventure  - from London to Beijing on the train. Have I offered to help? Of course! I love the idea!

By the time you hit 90, I guess you slow down. I am currently putting together an example itinerary for Beijing and have been thinking about how to incorporate the sights but in a way that does not require too much time spent on foot. For example, taking time in Jingshan Park watching the Tai Chi. The Great Wall is a must but just because Badaling is easy access it doesn't mean you have to visit it - Mutanyu is one of the quieter sections of wall but  it does have a cable car. Admittedly, Mongolia could prove quite a logistical challenge but spending a week with a family in a country with deep respect for their elders would surely make for a memorable experience.

The strength of family ties - with the Zorgio family in the middle Gobi
I've been sending a short email  questionnaire to some of our guests asking about their most memorable adventure and cultural  experiences. These will be appearing shortly on the blog but one of the respondents, Ross who travelled with us last year on our Landscapes of the East itinerary and then joined us on our trip west, mentioned that he was reading a book about Russia during the WW2 - written by Vasily Grossman and titled Life and Fate. Ross was kind enough to send across a copy of the chapter he was reading and having just read that one chapter I have now ordered the book from the library. This is one quote that inspired me to order the book:
'The steppe has one other unchanging characteristic: day and night, summer and winter, in foul weather or fine weather, it speaks of freedom. If someone has lost his freedom, the steppe will remind him of it.'

As always, thank you for reading and your interest in EL. Please please please do take the time to hop across to the new blog to join us - there is a facility to sign up to  my blog updates as well - It would be great to see you there!

The steppe landscapes of Terkhiin Tsagaan Nuur National Park